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    The Art of the Miao Embroidery

      The hills tribes Miao people in China, continues a tradition for more than 3000 years which is the art of the embroidery. A multitude of techniques and designs are used,  every tribe have his own style, passed on from mother to girl, generations after generations. Being curious by nature, I wanted to go and …

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    Dumping in Miao country

      That’s in the mountainous regions of the South of China where I left on meeting of the Miao and Dông people . In reality, a multitude of ethnic minorities is included under the name of Miao .Each ethnic group differs by their clothes and their traditional jewels, as well as by them colourful folk …

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  • incredible_india (1)

    Incredible India

      That’ s in India or more particularly in Rajasthan, country of the Maharajahs and the snake charmers, whom I regularly put down my suitcases. The incredible diversity of cultures which mix here is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the artists coming from all over the world. I like very much spending time in …

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